Film, TV and Digital Media Production Company


The quality and market appeal of CASTALIDES PICTURES’ feature films are maintained by selecting and producing mainstream broad appeal screenplays, and using one or two starring and/or co-starring box office draw talents and cameo appearances by equally well-known marketable celebrities as well as bankable directors. CASTALIDES PICTURES is associated with many experienced award winning talents in the field of film production all over the world, insuring a quality result of their feature films.
CASTALIDES PICTURES raises the budget for each project through passive equity, tax rebates, government subsidies and international pre-sales, as well as saving budgeted capital with the help of producer rebates, offering actors-, directors- and producer deferrals, finding less expensive to no-cost locations, low equipment cost, small production crews and low local crew cost, less transportation/travel expenses, low housing cost and substantial rebates and tax credits.
Castalides Pictures