Then sharpen your fangs, put on your costume and send us a picture!

This your chance to be cast as a vampire in our upcoming film!

Vampire Wedding is a comic book about a wedding planner/vampire hunter who, with the help of photographer Paula and florist Raymond, must rescue her fiancé, ruin Angelyne’s evil plan and save the world from impending doom. It’s the sexiest vampire comic book and romantic horror comedy of the year!

All you need to do to be in this amazing film is send us a picture of yourself dressed as a vampire bride or groom. Or you could send us a video. Be as imaginative as you can. Put it on our facebook wall: .

Then tell your friends! After you have told as many aspiring vampires as possible, send names and emails of the friends that you know are interested in taking part in the casting competition to us:

The vampire-hopefuls with the best picture (or even video!), who have referred the highest number of friends, will win the chance to appear in the film. The 20 vampires who we choose will be in the very final Vampire Wedding scene of the film; Angelyne Argyle’s Vampire Wedding!

The ‘Vampire Wedding’ comic book and film is produced by Castalides Pictures. Castalides Pictures’ director, Robert Huttinger, is also the author and creator of the ‘Vampire Wedding’ comic book. He lives and works in London and Los Angeles. Among Robert’s credits are best-selling RTL action TV series Cobra 11, and Cops 2000. His latest project, a motion picture called Kiss the Frog, is a romantic comedy picture that is in pre-production at the moment.

The comic cover art was created by Franke, an illustrator from Vienna. He has worked for production companies all over the world, and specialises in production design, mood boards, concept art, characters and storyboards. It was pencilled, inked and colored by Eduardo Baretto, a famous comic artist who worked for Marvel and DC among others. His work includes Superman, Batman, Star Wars, Marvel Knights, Aliens vs. Predators and Indiana Jones.

Our Vampire Casting Competition has already started so send your pictures in now. It will also soon be available through a VAMPIRE WEDDING iPhone application.