In Memory of Robert Altman


Americas greatest contemporary director and maker of some of my most favorite films ever, legendary Robert Altman, has passed away yesterday November 20th, 2006 at the age of 81. His work has been of major influence to me throughout my career and lately even echoed the turning points of my personal life. Thank you Mr. Altman, for the inspiration and motivation I gained from studying your work and thank you for letting me enter your former office halls in Westwood, where me and my colleagues often brainstormed on characters and plots, in order to make our very own version of ‘breaking through in Hollywood’ come through. Whenever I reflect on the winding path my own life provides me with, second thoughts would wander off to a scene in one of your films.

I salute you, Mr. Altman. Wherever you are now, may the gods of storytelling welcome you well and the muses dance forever.