Louis Eduardo Barreto (1954-2011)

Louis Eduardo Barreto / Castalides

It is with great sadness that Castalides Pictures and the Vampire Wedding Team send a farewell to Louis Eduardo Barreto, Vampire Wedding’s signature artist, a top Marvel and DC comics artist, who passed away from complications of meningitis at the age of 57. The Uruguayan artist who worked on the NEW TEEN TITANS, ATARI FORCE, but also THE SHADOW, BATMAN, SUPERMAN SPIDERMAN, STAR WARS and many other comics, was commissioned by Castalides Pictures to draw and illustrate the VAMPIRE WEDDING comic series and helped to establish the the mood, style and tone of the magazine. The Vampire Wedding comic pages that bear the signature of Eduardo Barreto, will be kept in the magazine as a homage to a great artist and truly humble human being. Our deepest condolences go to his family and loved ones.

Vampire Wedding Sophia Heartfield / Eduardo Barreto / Castalides

Vampire Wedding’s female heroine, Sophia Heartfield in mourning, drawn by Eduardo Barreto 2011.